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Things You Should Know BEFORE You Submit Your Claim


你可能在读这篇文章,因为你最近发生了一场车祸,或者你的一辆车遭受了其他类型的损失, 你的家还是你的生意.


  • Should I submit a claim to my insurance company or not?
  • Will there be any negative consequences?
  • 我的价格会上涨吗? 多少?
  • Can my policy be canceled… and what happens then?

Those are very important questions. And while every situation is different, 我想提供一些内部信息来帮助你找到答案. 但是,不可否认的是,在这份报告中,你无法得到关于你的具体情况的具体答案.

为什么不? 两个原因.

首先,有许多因素决定索赔对保单的真实影响. 例如……

  • 每一种保险都要遵守特定的州法律和法规,特别是涉及取消的保险,
  • Each insurance company has its own internal rules and practices,
  • 你的澳门网赌大全网址索赔历史和环境将触发这些规则和实践不同于, 说, 你邻居的.

第二个, once you have the facts and know what the impact will be, the decision to submit the claim or not is truly personal. What’s right for your neighbor isn’t necessarily right for you. Given the same facts you each might make a different decision.


If you’re concerned about the potential impact of submitting your claim, contact us and discuss your situation! (这只是与我和我的敬业团队做生意的众多好处之一,而不是某个不起眼的800号码.)

我们是来给你提建议的,来解释你的保险是如何运作的. 在你方提出索赔之前,我们会把事实告诉你方,并帮助你方做出最好的决定.

Now… here are the more important factors that come into play. 但首先……

Isn’t This What My Insurance Is For?

Yes… insurance is for paying claims.

You elect the protection options and limits you want. 你支付保费. Your insurance company pays your covered claims.


Then why all this talk about the “consequences” of claims? 为什么 can claims increase my price or even get my policy canceled? That’s what insurance is for!

这绝对是真的. It’s just not the whole story.

我不想把这份报告变成一本保险手册,你也不希望那样! 但这是我从客户那里得到的一个常见问题,所以我想在这里简单地解释一下.

保险,以及你为它支付的价格,是基于风险——发生损失的风险. 损失的高风险意味着必须用更高的价格来支付这些增加的损失. And low risk of loss means lower prices. 是有意义的?

Now, what determines the level of risk? 很多事情. But claims experience is one of the most important.

统计数据显示,有要求的人更有可能有其他要求. So, when compared to someone with no past claims, 对保险公司来说,有索赔记录的人损失风险更高.

And you already know what a higher risk of loss means. 是的…更高的价格.

因此, 当你提出索赔时,你就代表着你的保险公司未来损失的更高风险. And sometimes that increase in risk will be met with an increase in price.



如果不是很明显的话, 关于是否提交索赔的讨论实际上只在小损失的情况下起作用……这些损失接近你的免赔额.

很明显, 如果你有20美元,5万的车祸…或者50美元,000 of damage to your home… or $35,000 of inventory stolen from your store, 你根本不可能考虑不提交索赔. That IS what you buy insurance for!

On the other hand, small losses can sometimes hurt worse by submitting them. 提交索赔的后果可能超过你从公司得到的钱.




快速回顾一下……你的免赔额是你自掏腰包支付的损失金额. The insurance company then pays the balance.

例如,假设你的房屋遭受了3000美元的损失,而你的房屋受到了赔偿. And let’s 说 your deductible is $1,000. 在这种情况下,你支付1000美元,你的保险公司支付剩余的2000美元.

很明显, 如果你的损失金额低于你的免赔额,提交索赔是没有意义的. You’re going to pay it all anyway, so why report it?

例如, 如果你的免赔额是1美元,000 and your suffer $800 in damages, then your insurance company isn’t going to pay anything. The amount of damage is less than your deductible. 你负责前1000美元,所以在这种情况下你负责全部800美元.

But here’s where it gets a little tricky.

What if the loss is just a little bit more than your deductible amount? What 如果你的免赔额是1美元,000 and the damage is, 说, $1,200?

In this case, your damages are only $200 more than your deductible. 因此, you’ll receive only $200 from the company. Is it worth getting $200 to suffer the consequences of submitting the claim?

这取决于. 这取决于 on what those consequences are!

Depending on the type of loss and your personal situation, this claim may cause an increase in your rates, possibly a significant increase. It may cause your policy to be non-renewed.


关键是,除非你知道真正的影响是什么,否则你无法做出一个好的决定. So, if you’re not sure, get the facts.


Many incidents involve only property damage. 例如, maybe the wind blows some shingles off your roof. Or perhaps you back into a pole in a parking lot.

重点是没人受伤. 没有人员受伤.

When your loss involves property damage only, 有时,你自己处理这件事并避免提交索赔所带来的后果是有意义的. You pay for the damage and it’s over.

然而,当有人受伤的时候,你永远都不应该隐瞒. 为什么?

Because no matter how minor the injury may be, 受伤的一方可能会在几个月甚至几年之后回来起诉你.

If that happens and you didn’t report the claim when it occurred, 你的保险公司可以合法地拒绝在诉讼中为你辩护,拒绝支付任何款项, 也.

您的保单要求您及时报告索赔,以便公司能够控制索赔. If you don’t, they can deny coverage.

在一个小的财产损失的情况下,没有人会回来起诉你. But when someone’s injured you never know. 在法庭上为自己辩护是昂贵的——即使你赢了——所以当有人受伤时,不要冒险. 十大老品牌网赌网址大全要报告这些说法.


不管电视广告试图告诉你什么,每个保险公司都是不同的. They all have their own rules, practices and rate plans. And they all treat claims differently, too.

Some companies have a price for just about everybody. 这意味着无论你的索赔记录有多糟糕,他们都将继续为你提供保险. Of course, your price will go up and up to match your claims experience!

On the other hand, some companies don’t have a price for everyone. When your claims record gets too bad, they’ll non-renew your policy (within the circumstances allowed by law). When that happens you’ll be forced to get insurance elsewhere, and it’s likely you’ll pay a significantly higher price with a new company.


State insurance laws protect you, the consumer. 其他的话题, 这些法律定义了保单可以取消或不续签的情况. 根据保险的类型,这些法律可以为你提供很多或很少的保护.

例如,澳门网赌大全网址汽车保险通常在法律下得到很好的保护. 保险公司不能仅仅因为不想再为你投保而取消或不续保保单. The law states the conditions under which cancellation is allowed.

然而, other lines of insurance – like business insurance, for example – have fewer such defined cancellation criteria. 在许多情况下, 保险公司可以不续保你的保单,因为他们不想把你的风险记在账上.

我再怎么强调这一点都不为过……对于做出这个决定并没有明确的指导方针. 国家法律, 公司规则及惯例, 你损失的规模, 你的免赔额和你的澳门网赌大全网址索赔历史和经验都混合在一起,创造你独特的情况.

If you’re wondering whether or not it makes any sense to submit your claim, give me and my team a call FIRST. Get the facts for your specific situation. And then make an informed decision.